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On the way from Chikkaballapur to Gouribidanur, this village has a beautiful temple of Lord Ranganatha (Vishnu) in the Vijayanagar style.



This town is associated with the epic, Mahabharatha. Known as Ekchakrapura, this is where the Pandavas lived in exile, incognito. Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers is said to have killed the asura (demon) Bakasura, who was tormenting the people. Myth has it that a nearby cave in the hill, contains the corpse of the demon, which supposedly drips blood during Shivaratri. There is a garden complex in Kaivara, containing gardens and musical fountains. Also, in the garden are five cottages named after the pandavas and a mini zoo with herbarium. The temples of Amaranarayana and Bhimeshwara as well as the Yogi Narayana ashram are worth a visit.

kaivara temple


Boganandiswara temple in Nandi village constructed around 806 A.D. by Rathnavalli of Bana Dynasty is in Drawidan style. Temple is known for its anciental Architecture. Sri. Arunachaleswara temple, nearby Boganandiswara temple built out soap stone, is another example where one can find fine Ganga, Chola, Hoysala style of architecture.

bhoganadeswara temple-1


Yoganandishwara temple on Nandhi Hill was constructed in Drawidan & Chola style of Architecture. The Idols of Dwarapalakas are said to be donated by Sri.Krishnadevaraya. An inscription at the outer wall of the temple narrates that Sambaji S/o. Chatrapathi Shivaji captured the hill from the Mughal Rulers. Veerabhadra temple constructed by Devaraya around 1397 A.D. is an other worth seeing historical sight.

Yoganandeswara temple-1


One of the ancient and oldest mutts of Chickballapur papagni mutt is located at skandagiri hills.